Funraisin in the news

Community fundraising is looking set to change with organisations now in full control of their data and brand online. has announced a number of Australia’s highest profile charities are switching over to digital communications in order to better manage, recognise and reward their community supporters and provide personalised experiences as part of their effort to scale this area of fundraising. Amongst the names making the switch are The Smith Family, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Mission Australia and the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Rhonda Yanitsas, Digital Communications Manager of Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation says “We connected Funraisin to our CRM so we can provide relevant, engaging and encouraging communications to our supporters, at the right time. It also means our community fundraising team can receive real time notifications of exceptional fundraisers so they can immediately pick up the phone, thank them and ask if there’s anything we can do to support their amazing efforts.”

Funraisin also offers organisations the ability to create unlimited community fundraising ‘themes’, providing choice to supporters who want to do something but just need a little prompting in the right direction. “The software comes standard with the ability to enable fitness wearables on any event, so a supporter can connect up their fitbit, Strava or Mapmyfitness account and do what they love doing already, to raise funds.” says Courtney Evans, Funraisin Co Founder. “And being a white labelled solution means it’s the organisation’s brand, not ours, being reinforced.” 

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